We Helped Build a Playground!

We Helped Build a Playground!

Children are a vital part of our Tranzsend family. In this monthly column, the children of some of our Tranzsend workers share something of their life overseas.

We live in a poor Muslim rural village. Our family work for Freeset. Four years ago, Freeset bought some land planning to make a central base for new businesses. Plans for the land always included a park and playground area. That’s where we got involved.

The kids around here are really poor. They don’t have toys but play games made out of sticks and lines drawn in the dirt. Our family organised a team from Bethlehem Baptist Church to help us build a playground on the Freeset land.

We dug holes, carted cement and carried pieces of playground equipment to the playground site. It was hot and hard work. The local kids were excited to see the playground come together.

Rumours went around that the foreigners (that’s us) were going to charge those who wanted to use the playground. Finally, when the playground was complete, we had an opening ceremony and announced that the playground would be free of charge. When we asked, “Who would like to play?” they all cheered.

The ribbon was cut and heaps of excited children ran to play. Children from nearby villages came to play as well. Soon there were too many children playing all at once. The older children suggested we introduce 'captains.' Captains are like what we Kiwi kids would call monitors – older children put in charge of certain parts of the playground. This has helped a lot. Now everyone can play safely. At the same time, the older boisterous boys love to play a game of cricket or football beside the playground.

Story: Georgia and Daniel 


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