Spencer and Emerson’s big adventure

Spencer and Emerson’s big adventure

Children are a vital part of our Tranzsend family. In this monthly column, the children of some of our Tranzsend workers share something of their lives overseas.

Spencer (five) and Emerson (three and a half) have a chat with their Mum, Sophie, about the family’s upcoming move to South Asia.

Mum: How do you feel about moving?

Spencer: I feel good about it because, well, if I learn to make friends with someone, and I talk to them in Bengali, I could make a lot of friends.

Emerson: I don’t like moving. I’m worried.

Mum: You’re going to miss New Zealand. What will you miss?

Emerson: I will miss the toy library. And my house.

Spencer: I will miss my kindy friends and I will miss Weetbix, but I hope we can buy some somewhere. I will also miss the Albany swimming pool—do you think they will have pools where we live?

Mum: Let’s try to find a pool when we get there. What could we take with us, to help us feel better?

Spencer: I will take the lego. Actually I will take a lot of my special things, mainly batteries. Emerson, I’ll take enough batteries for you too.

Emerson: And I will take my toy cars.

Mum: What do you think life will be like in South Asia?

Emerson: I think I will see lots of different cars and shops. Sometimes Dad and I will have an ice cream. I would like to ride on the tram.

Spencer: We will need to wear not many clothes because it will be too hot. It’s close to the equator. Sometimes it will be cold, and sometimes there will be floods. I think I will see a lot of people eating hot curries.

Mum: Do you know why Mum and Dad want to go overseas?

Spencer: No, we certainly don’t.


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