Recently I had the opportunity to travel to my local friend’s remote hometown village where I became the first foreigner ever to visit. The people there gave me a warm reception, treating me to the local wheat, garlic, and wildlife—the latter being large, juicy bugs (which were also quite chewy).

One day my friend walked with me through the village, the place where he had grown up. He pointed out an amazing old building, now empty. “That was my grandma’s house,” he said. Further along the road, another old place came into view. “That was my grandfather’s father’s house,” he added. What a remarkable sight, to see several generations of family history alongside a single road. 

What happened next was very surprising. As we approached the house I noticed it was covered inside and out with decorations as is the custom in these parts—but these had a unique twist. There was a special symbol—a cross—and messages about Jesus. It appears that someone in his extended family is part of a much bigger Christian family—something my friend had not known until that day.

Another significant moment came during an outing to a nearby city, when I was chatting to my friend’s cousin in a hotel room. He pulled up his phone to show me an English song that he had been listening to, explaining that there was something powerful about it. I was surprised to see that it was a worship song I knew well. 

Something about that song had grabbed him, even though he didn’t know what it was about. We had a good chat about what the song meant.

Back in the big city, when a group from our club went to watch a movie recently, my friend came along. Someone asked him if he usually came to our Sunday meeting. He replied “No, but I’d quite like to!” So, now he comes along every week. He has a copy of the Bible and attends a regular Bible study group. Please remember my friend with me.

From a Tranzsend worker in East Asia

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