We love sharing the different ways God is transforming the communities we are a part of. Here we feature an account of where the significance of Jesus has been a great inspiration to the people we serve.

Well, it took two months longer than expected, but the goat shed is completed!

Because we cannot buy steel mesh over here, every grill and pen was made from steel rod painstakingly welded into mesh panels. The raw (rusty) steel then had to be sanded, primed and painted thoroughly. 

We couldn’t have done it without Grant and Derek from Bethlehem Baptist. They volunteered their time and skills to come and help construct the steel shed. Most days, it was so hot that we had to start work at 6am.

Goat farming is one solution we have to teach a sustainable income source to local people. Now we have the shed, the next step is to buy some goats—and that is not as easy as it sounds…

The most straightforward way to transport goats here is by train, but only three goats are permitted on the train at any one time; and it’s not possible to book the goats on the train ahead of time; and the express train takes thirty-six hours to reach the state capital; and then there is another five-hour train journey to complete the journey.

Fortunately, that is all behind us now! Colin made the journey and returned with the first three Boer goats. They moved into their new home and were quarantined for thirty days before cross breeding the first male Boer goat with our existing “Bengal Black” goats. It will then be a further five or six months before the crossbreed kids are born. They say good things take time—this is going to be GREAT!

From Tania in South Asia

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